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Validating in javascript

When the user deletes what they have typed in then the other textboxes must be enable. I can only achieve this when the control losses focus using onchange event.

Please share if you have any idea how to a accomplish this Hello, I need assistance regarding client side validation using Java Script.

Just thought I would try to save someone else from making the same mistake.

Figure 1: Above figure is output of validation of empty field In above script, function Empty will check that the HTML input that is being send to the server has something in it.

In this article we use the In the code above I have taken the ASP.While it's fine to check the format of an email address client-side using a regex, the only way to really, totally, be sure that an email address exists is to confirm that you can send email to it, and that somebody can receive it.Unfortunately, it's not possible to send an email directly from the browser without outside help.Following script will compile the idea of validation for all letters.Listing 3: Validation for all letters Figure 3: Above output checks the entered data is letters or include any other char also. Two of them are using regular expression for matching and the other one is simple so not writing regex but if you want you can write a regex for this case also.This is done with the help of built in properties of Java Script strings; take the value of input textbox trim it and then check for empty string. In series of validation scheme there are various kind of validation scheme, Let’s some more different kind of validations.Email validation scheme tells that how to check if a user's email address is valid.Net control's values in variables so it cannot be repeated again and again in our function the email Exp variable holds the pattern of the email id in the form of a regular expression.Now add the condition to ensure that all controls have a value, if the values are not entered in the form control then it will show a message.The condition will be as follows: is shown to the user and finally we are returning false; that is very important.Importantance of returning false It's very important to use the return false statement after the condition block that return false so if validation determines that the business requirements are not met then the form cannot be submitted.


  1. While developing a web page in fully HTML controls, you may not be able to use ASP. NET's controls, then you may need the help of some JavaScript function for validation. While developing a web page in fully HTML controls, you may not be able to use the ASP. NET's controls for example if you want some

  2. In this article we will cover some basic types of validations in JavaScript. This article will cover the validations using the regex as well as using simple methods.

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