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The original pea coat was so heavy that it featured a metal chain at the neckline, which was used to hang it. It came in one color, dark navy blue, and its wide lapels could be turned up and buttoned to keep the neck and ears warm. Navy have been wearing the dark navy blue pea coats for over 100 years. World War II pea coats will have a label that says “Manufactured by Naval Clothing Factory” with images of anchors in two corners. Navy pea coat will be older than the early 1900’s when the Navy began using them. A standard issue pea coat has eight buttons with the anchor symbol on them. There is speculation as to how the pea coat got its name. These coats can be dated as having been made during World War II between 19. Small buttons under the collars, and an attached throat latch allowed the coat to be tightly buttoned at the throat.There was one row of stitching approximately 3" above the cuff, which also had a single row of stitching just above the cuff.Today, our family is still hand making our jackets on the same turn of the century machines just outside of NYC.

The 10 buttons are the easiest way to tell a WW2 era coat from afar.

The hand warmer pockets were lined with tan or light brown corduroy.

The coats were lined with a rayon like fabric,baring the “Manufactured By NAVAL CLOTHING FACTORY” tag on the right inside breast pocket (on the outside of the pocket) with a line for the name and a line for the rate.

There was an anchor in the upper right hand corner and the upper left hand corner of the tag.

When Irving Schott started his company in 1913 with his brother Jack they peddled their fur lined raincoats and leather jackets door to door in the Lower East Side of New York City.


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