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Who is solan dating

The place seems to have stood still in time, without being affected by it to a great extent.The paved lanes, old-world shops, gabled houses with colonial facades and small orchards, all remind you of the time when the country was neither so polluted, nor so populated.The places around Solan is Sadhu Pul around 18-20 km from solan.Beautiful water falls on the way and you reach a heavily flowing gorge good for fishing and swimming.Karol Tibba & Meteol Tibba: Karol Tibba and Meteol Tibba are two of the must-see spots in Solan.

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The star attraction for tourists is its three parks namely Jawahar Park, Children Park and Mohan Park.

Those who are concerned about rentals, the economy and budget hotels of Kasauli are the best bet.

In case you want to get a taste of royalty, make sure to book a room at one of the heritage hotels in Kasauli.

Prime Minister of India had laid the foundation stone of a Rs 1 billion Heritage Park on being set up under the aegis of Mohan Meakin Breweries at Harat village, 14 km from Solan.

It would become an important tourist attraction centre of this region in years to come. also check out the drive to sabhathu and solan is a fine place for camping barog hieghts , gambar pull, churdhar where there is a very big statue of lord shiva.


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