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Whos dating who john krasinski

Fischer’s towering, handsome co-star, however, claims this was not the case.“I think that was wildly misquoted or taken out of context,” Krasinski tells The Daily Beast.

“I’m sure she was trying to say something nice about how genuine the acting relationship was, of bringing a relationship that became that popular onscreen—and I think we both feel it’s such an honor to be a part of that relationship.

And those parts of us were genuinely in love with one another.”Whether this was fan service, having a go, or the genuine article is anyone’s guess.

But the tabloids, as is their wont, grabbed the “genuinely in love” line and ran with it.

"I remember people saying, ' Wow, for Hollywood you guys have been together forever.' And I was like, ' What does that mean?

' I mean, I would say nine years is average for most people.

That sounds like heady actor babble, but it's true," he said.

He is the recipient of several accolades, including two Primetime Emmy Award nominations and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.Krasinski directed and starred in the drama Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009) and the comedy-drama film The Hollars (2016).In 2018, Krasinski directed, co-wrote, and starred in the critically acclaimed horror film A Quiet Place (2018).I remember being at my house and saying to her, ' So I just want to have this really honest conversation.I think you're one of the best act—' I didn't even get out 'actress.' She went, ' No, no, no, no! We didn't have that conversation again for a really long time, and it saved our relationship." He added, "We got to have a very removed existence, because we just looked at it as though we were two people who had fallen in love, rather than two Hollywood celebrities who'd met each other."Krasinski, 38, spoke about how he and Blunt, 35, who married in Italy in July 2010 and are parents to daughters Hazel, 4, and Violet, 20 months, have defied the expectations people have about relationships in Hollywood.And if these characters are deeply in love, well, some fans will wish the real-life actors playing them were, too.One of the most celebrated TV couples is Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer) of NBC’s The Office.The cover with Amy Adams, Jessica Biel and a couple of other people—'young up-and-coming hot Hollywood' or whatever—and that issue was in my living room when we first started dating," Krasinski recently told ."I was definitely aware of [her fame], probably in a way that could have been extremely unhealthy if it wasn't for how insanely down-to-earth she was.I'm a son of two people who have been married for—man, is it going to be 45 years this year?"See more: All the Celebrities Who Have Gotten Engaged This Year... The actor also opened up about the anxieties he had about working with his wife on the upcoming horror film .


  1. John and Emily wed in a private star-studded ceremony in July 2010. They made it official after dating for almost two years.

  2. Jan 26, 2016. Jenna Fischer aka Pam Beesley went on TV recently and said that she and John Krasinski aka Jim Halpert were 'genuinely in love.' Not so.

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