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Without invalidating

I was able to make a few minor changes to Aymeric’s code so that it would compile and run correctly on Linux and mac OS (OSX).

Download my port to Linux/mac OS in my “Signed NSIS exe Append Payload” Git Hub repository.

Hell, she just stole the texts because they needed a reason for her to be a Jedi later but the character never feels like someone who gives a shit about the Jedi after meeting Luke.

She only heard stories and those stories didn't live up to her imagination.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't become a Jedi and just a force wielder.

She's not excited about being a Jedi because she took the Jedi texts to learn how to become a Jedi?

Continue reading to learn how to add a custom payload.

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The only one of the new characters I kind of cared about was Finn, who was completely humiliated in TLJ, along with Chewbacca, and now that Leia can’t be in the next movie, there’s really nothing that makes me interesting in seeing it.

We compile and sign our installers on Windows, but we would like to customize and distribute the installer from our Linux servers (e.g.

generate custom installer on the fly when requested by user).

To clarify, the Digital Signature tab on the file properties page is no longer present when data is appended to a signed executable in this way.

Windows 10 does not throw an error warning that the signature is invalid. Embed User Data Method #2 – VALID DIGITAL SIGNATURE I was able to successfully embed custom user data into the signed NSIS installer file by using the method described in Aymeric Barthe‘s blog post Changing a Signed Executable Without Altering Windows Digital Signature.


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