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The registration does not need to actually succeed so if the phone is running a vey old version incapable of registering to the Lync server for some reason, or an invalid PIN is used simply to speed up the process it does not matter.

Simply initiating the registration process is sufficient to trigger the root certificate retrieval process via DHCP Option 43.

This signals the intent to provide a single LPE client for both Lync platforms and not have separate 2010 or 2013 clients with different interfaces.

What this all means is that to utilize any Lync Phone Edition devices with Lync Server 2013 the phone firmware may need updated to at least the CU7 release, which is version 4.0.7577.4363 / .4366 / .4372 for different device families.

When a Lync Phone Edition device is powered up and receives a successful DHCP lease it will look for the commonly used DHCP Option 15 parameter which provides a single .

In an environment that contains multiple domain names then Option 119 can be leveraged to provide more than one domain name to the client.

Attempts to use 1.0.522.x versions would always fail with As older versions of firmware may still be in use or come pre-installed on new devices then there may exist a scenario where the devices are unable to successfully sign-in to a Lync Server 2013 environment (specifically OCS 2007 RTM versions).

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So in this case user-intervention is required by attempting to sign-in to the Lync Server.The device will then automatically perform a DNS query for the hostname for each domain name which may have been passed via those DHCP options.Typically the certificate issued to the Lync Front End server is from an internal private Certificate Authority, which unfortunately means the device cannot automatically download the update without intervention.It is important to understand that although Lync Server 2013 brings a host of new 2013-branded clients (e.g.Windows, Mobility), the (LPE) client was not updated in the same manner.Traffic from the phone to the Lync server at this point will stop for a period of time as the connection cannot be established.Check the System Information menu on the phone to validate this failure by verifying that the Last Update Status code is reported as as covered in this troubleshooting article.In these cases it will still be required to update Tanjay device in a two-step process to get to a supported version.The oldest tested version which could successfully register to a Lync 2013 server is 3.5.6907.187.Social Security Administration Language Access Plan, Fiscal Year 2018–19 Video: How to Better Serve Your LEP Audience by Meeting the Federal Requirements, Department of Justice- January 18, 2018 Video: Know Your LEP Population with the Language Map App, Department of Justice- July 24, 2017 Department of Health and Human Services OCR Addresses National Origin Discrimination in Alabama Child Welfare Programs- October 25, 2017 promotes a positive and cooperative understanding of the importance of language access to federally conducted and federally assisted programs.This site acts as a clearinghouse, providing and linking to information, tools, and technical assistance regarding limited English proficiency and language services for federal agencies, recipients of federal funds, users of federal programs and federally assisted programs, and other stakeholders.


  1. The online home of UW alumni. departments keep our records current by telling us about any updates to your name, contact or. International Work Address?

  2. Register for access to MyCheck then login to update your address; phone numbers work, home or mobile; email address; organisation details; occupational.

  3. Updating Personnel Records. Employees are responsible for maintaining current home and work contact information through Employee Self-Service.

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