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PUT:: $lfulpathfile to $rsite:$rdir/$filename file. " echo lftp -u $ruser,$rpassword -e "lcd $lfulpath; cd $rdir; pwd; lpwd; put $filename; bye" $rsite ;; '2') echo "Downloading remote to local file.

GET:: $rsite:$rdir/$filename to $lfulpathfile file. " echo lftp -u $ruser,$rpassword -e "lcd $lfulpath; cd $rdir; pwd; lpwd; get $filename; bye" $rsite ;; *) echo "Cancelling." ;; esac echo "Done." And below please find some references: # # ## have to be in verbose mode to show result of SIZE command!!

something that would use plain ftp, accept local and remote path to a file, compare sizes and timestamps, and ask for appropriate action (download or upload).This library gives you the ability to do this using the Series Info returned value.I needed a way to create recurring dates and be able to edit them or adjust the values at a later date.This library not only creates recurring dates but it also returns a coded value that you can store to at a later date, create the same recurring date pattern and adjust the values as needed.This ability to alter the pattern or add more dates to the end of the returned values is what I consider to be a real world requirement.size response is '213 ' ## - must have backticks for executing nested here document ## * so use ftp size with verbose and grep 213 (`ftp -nv $rsite ## using read response is restricted to single line ## problem with "500 I won't open a connection to 192.168..." for opening second ftp connection... # ps axf | grep ftp # sudo netstat -lntp | grep ":22" # shows nothing strange # wait # $ ## In fact, the problem "500 I won't open a connection to 192.168..." is with using ls/dir commands ## t=45714 ## - if behind a router, must open passive mode for it: fpt -pnv ## read will only capture a single line - so only useful with inline grep # read response # quote USER $ruser # quote PASS $rpassword # cd $rdir # size $rfile # pwd # quit # EOF` # HERE ## for multiline use direct assignment (as 'read' will only capture a single line anyway) # mutliline variable must be quoted to see the breaks # https:// # # this with echo piping into while parses - but the array variable contents are unavailable outside the loop # i=1 # the first array variable is at index 1 # echo "$resp213" | while read line # do # resp213array[$i]=$line ## echo test: $ $ # let i # done # numeric manipulation # $ a=15 # $ b=14 # $ echo $((a b)) # 29 # $ echo $((a)) $((b)) # 15 14 # string manipulation dirname basename string manipulation string manipulation # to get the same datetime format as FTP MDTM, use --time-style=" %Y%m%d%H%M%S" with ls # as ftp server date time - --time-style=" %e,%b %Y" # mdtm gives in GMT - https://forums11hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?Storing this value allows you to create the next date in the pattern as well as generate all the values and adjust them as needed.This tab of the sample application allows you to adjust the original Series Info value and create a new set of values.I needed a way to create recurring dates using a given pattern of dates such as every weekday, every Saturday and Monday, etc.I couldn't find any sample code on the web other than what you can purchase, so I made this library.


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  2. Sep 13, 2009. indexofdate=$indexofsize+lengthofsize rdirdate=${rdirline$indexofdate+1$indexofn ame-indexofdate-1} # get local file data

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