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That is, the software frontend and hardware backend are tightly coupled.

INDI Control Protocol INDI resolves this problem by providing a framework that decouples low level hardware drivers from high level front end clients.

Control systems are often written for a specific device or range of devices.

When one or more of the device parameters change, the software needs to be modified to accommodate the change.

These tools enable developers to provide scheduling and automation frameworks for their devices.

Ideally, GUI clients should take care of establishing INDI server and providing users with a list of supported drivers.A driver may connect to one or more physical devices.It is responsible for controlling the device parameters and for defining them to clients.It is based on the INDI protocol which is designed to support control, automation, data acquisition, and exchange among hardware devices and software frontends.INDI stands for the Instrument-Neutral-Distributed-Interface, and was developed by of Clear Sky Institute.The domain is hosted from IP address 1.171, having reverse-lookup 1.171.and inward-pointing nameservers, and expired-domain-ns51.According to our records, is the only domain hosted from this IP address.For a complete list, please visit INDI devices page.If your device doesn't exist in the devices list page, there is a couple of things you can do: INDI Library is shipped with many Linux distributions today by default, and is available for Mac OS via Mac Ports.INDI server is the hub that sits between your devices and your clients.It reroutes traffic for control and data acorss distributed networks.


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