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DUNFORD, DAVID, Diocesan Inspector of Schools, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, Eng- land: Incardination and Excardination. J., Professor of Religion, Stella Matutina College, Feldkirch, Austria: Hierarchy, Early Christian. He appeared again before the council, intimated that he was ready to be another Jonas to pacify the troubled waves, and that all he desired was rest from his labours, and leisure to prepare for death.

DUGGAN, THOMAS, Editor, "Catholic Tran- script", Hartford, Connecticut: Hartford, Diocese of. Gregory had now come to the conclusion that not only the opposition and disappointment which he had met with in the council, but also his continued state of ill-health, justified, and indeed necessitated, his resignation of the See of Constantinople, which he had held for only a few months.

The Fathers made no protest against this announcement, which some among them GREGORY 13 GREGORY doubtless heard with secret satisfaction ; and Gregory at once sought and obtained from the emperor per- mission to resign his see. D., New York: Hatred; Homicide; Hope; Hypocrisy; Ignorance; Incest. J., Bollandist, Brussels: Hagiography; Henschen, Godfrey. All his efforts were at first unsuccessful, and he consented at length with much reluctance to take over the administration of the diocese himself. A., Milwaukee Wisconsin: Incorporation of Church Property, Civil. Gregory's anxiety was now to find a learned and zealous bishop who would be able to stem the flood of heresy which was threatening to overwhelm the Christian Church in that place. The orthodox bishops were all in his favour, and the objection (urged by the Egyptian and Macedonian prelates who joined the council later) that his translation from one see to an- other was in opposition to a canon of the Nicene council was obviously unfounded. FAULHABER, MICHAEL, Professor of Old Tes- tament Exegesis, University of Strasburg: Hesychius of Jerusalem; Hesychius of Sinai. As to the appointment of the bishopric, the confirmation of Gregory to the see could only be a matter of form. Thomas's College, Washington: Hedon- ism; Indifferentism. Gregory entertained him hos- pitably, gave him his complete confidence, and pro- nounced a public panegyric on him in his presence. Gregory, however, unfortu- nately allowed himself to be imposed upon by a plausi- ble adventurer called Hero, or Maximus, who came to Constantinople from Alexandria in the guise (long hair, white robe, and staff) of a Cynic, and professed to be a convert to Christianity, and an ardent admirer of Gregory's sermons. A., Pro- fessor of History, College de Montreal, Montreal: Henri de Saint-Ignace; Hurtado, Caspar. Gregory's friends, however, rallied round him, and Maximus had to fly from Constantinople. Maximus's intrigues to obtain the bishopric for him- self found support in various quarters, including Alex- andria, which the patriarch Peter, for what reason precisely it is not known, had turned against Gregory; and certain Egyptian bishops deputed by Peter, sud- denly, and at night, consecrated and enthroned Maximus as Catholic Bishop of Constantinople, while Gregory was confined to bed by illness. In vain did Gregory urge, for the sake of peace, the retention of Paulinus in the see for the remainder of his life, already far advanced ; the Fathers of the council refused to listen to his advice, and resolved that Meletius should be succeeded by an Oriental priest. Paulinus, however, was a prelate of Western origin and creation, and the Eastern bishops assembled at Constantinople declined to recognize him.


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